Understanding The Advantages Of White Fillings For Kids

If you suspect that your little one has a cavity in one or more of their teeth, you may be wondering what their best option is for treatment. At our office, Dr. Michelle typically recommends dental fillings for cavities, though a dental crown may also be a good option for large or deep cavities.

And at Sasco Pediatric Dentistry, we exclusively use white fillings for cavity treatment in Fairfield, CT. That’s because we believe they're a better choice than metal-amalgam fillings for kids. Why? Read on to learn more about the basics of white fillings and why they're a great option for restoring your little one’s smile.

What Are White Fillings, And How Do They Work?

“White fillings” are also called “composite fillings” or “tooth-colored fillings.” These all refer to the same thing. White fillings are made from a special mixture of resin and glass particles. This resin can be matched to the color of your child’s existing tooth structure, which is why this type of filling is usually called a “white” filling. In contrast, fillings made from metal amalgam are silver or gray in color. 

But while the material is different, the filling process for a white filling is still very simple. First, Dr. Michelle will clean and numb your child’s mouth. Then, she’ll gently remove damaged and decayed tooth structure. After this, she will apply composite resin to the tooth and use special tools to harden and reshape it.

Then, once the resin is in place, Dr. Michelle will make any final adjustments to make sure your child’s filling fits into their mouth and looks natural. Then, your little one will be sent home to enjoy their new smile.

The Benefits Of Choosing White Fillings For Kids

Wondering why white fillings are a better option compared to metal amalgam fillings? Here are a few reasons why you should choose white fillings from Sasco Pediatric Dentistry.

  • Natural look and feel – As the name implies, white fillings are made from composite materials that match the natural color of your child’s teeth. There are a variety of different colors available, too, so Dr. Michelle can choose the one that’s the closest to the natural shade of your child’s tooth.

  • Preserves more tooth structure – Metal amalgam fillings usually require more of your child’s tooth structure to be removed to prepare for the filling. In contrast, using a white filling allows Dr. Michelle to preserve more of their tooth. Keeping your child’s tooth healthy and intact is always a good thing!

  • Metal-free treatment – While it’s considered safe for use in metal fillings, mercury is still a toxic metal, and some parents don’t like the idea of having it in their child's mouth, which is understandable. Metal fillings also can lead to a higher risk of sensitivity since they conduct heat more efficiently than composite fillings. White fillings solve both of these problems since they're completely metal-free and are more resistant to temperature changes.

  • Easy to repair and replace – Compared to metal fillings, it’s easier to repair, remove, and replace white fillings. Since fillings don’t last forever, this is important. Choosing white fillings for your child now means that it will be easier for their dentist to replace them when they wear out in the future.

Worried About Cavities In Fairfield, CT? Schedule A Checkup Today!

At Sasco Pediatric Dentistry, we specialize in keeping little smiles healthy in Fairfield, CT. If you think that your little one has a cavity, our team can help. And if they do need a white filling, Dr. Michelle will provide the gentle care they need to keep their smile healthy for years to come. Contact us online or give us a call at (203) 307-2430 to schedule a consultation right away.

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