Why Are My Child's Teeth Yellow?

Your child's smile is the best thing in the world. But, if you notice that your teeth are discolored, you may be a bit concerned and want to know if this is normal. 

There are several reasons why your child may have yellow teeth. Some have to do with their oral health and can be reversed. In other cases, the problem could be out of your control. 

Let's find out more! 

Causes of Yellow Teeth in Children

Here are some of the possible reasons behind your child's yellow teeth:

  • Genetics

The color of our teeth can be genetic too. If you or someone in your family has thin enamel, your child may have inherited this characteristic too. Thin enamel is usually associated with yellower teeth. You will also have to pay special attention to their oral health as thin enamel is more prone to dental problems, such as cavities. 

  • Poor Oral Hygiene

Plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth can cause them to appear yellow. We know it can be hard to brush a child's teeth, but you should try to make a habit out of it. Turn brushing into a game, teach them by example, or offer them a sticker whenever they brush their teeth correctly. Don't forget to schedule regular appointments with a pediatric dentist for preventive care

  • Certain Medications

Some medications, such as antibiotics, can cause the teeth to become yellow as a side effect. If your child is taking any medications, discuss it with your doctor or dentist to determine if this could be the cause.

  • Fluorosis

Fluorosis occurs when a child ingests too much fluoride while their teeth are developing. This can cause white spots or yellowing of the teeth. Make sure that your child doesn't swallow too much toothpaste when brushing their teeth. 

  • Stained Teeth 

Certain foods and drinks, such as berries or orange juice, can stain the teeth. Encouraging your child to brush their teeth or rinse their mouth after consuming these can help prevent staining.

What Can You Do About Your Child's Yellow Teeth? 

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

As we said, good oral hygiene is crucial in maintaining white and healthy teeth. Encourage your child to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and to floss daily.

Consider Fluoride Treatments

If your child's teeth are prone to discoloration, your dentist may recommend fluoride treatments to strengthen the enamel and prevent staining.

Consult with the Dentists at Sasco Pediatric Dentistry

If you are concerned about your child's yellow teeth, you can get in touch with one of the dentists at Sasco Pediatric Dentistry. We can determine the cause of the discoloration and recommend the appropriate treatment for your child. 

You can book your little one's next appointment by sending us a message online or by calling us at (203) 307-2430.

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