Zirconia Vs. Stainless Steel Crowns: Which Is Right for My Child?

Crowns are an ideal solution for severely damaged primary teeth. When a tooth has decayed or become damaged beyond what a filling can fix, a dental crown can restore the tooth’s function and protect it from further damage. Since crowns seal the entire tooth down to the gum line, they protect the baby tooth from decay and bacteria.

If your child needs a crown, their pediatric dentist may let you choose between a white zirconia or stainless steel crown. Let’s examine each so you can make the right decision for your child.

Similarities and Differences of Zirconia & Stainless Steel Crowns


Both stainless steel and zirconia crowns offer superior durability. They both can last for years, and can provide ample protection for your child’s baby teeth until they are ready to fall out. Zirconia crowns are so durable, in fact, that they are often recommended to treat damaged or decayed adult teeth, because they can withstand the pressures of chewing.


While stainless steel crowns have a lot to offer in the way of durability, they look like, well, stainless steel. Because of this, we tend to reserve these crowns for baby teeth that are destined to fall out eventually, or rear molars that are less visible in general.

Zirconia crowns look much more natural, and can even be color-matched to blend in with the rest of your child’s smile. This makes them the ideal combination of aesthetics and durability.

Fit and adaptation

One of the primary advantages of both zirconia and stainless steel crowns is that they come in a variety of prefabricated sizes, making them ideal for children (and parents!) who may not want to travel back and forth to the office for multiple appointments. With zirconia and stainless steel crowns, the damaged tooth can be prepared, and the crown can be placed in a single visit, so your little one can get back to doing what they do best: being a kid!

Why Does My Child Need A Crown If Their Baby Teeth Are Going To Fall Out Anyway?

While it’s true that primary, or baby, teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth, they are still important for several reasons. When your child loses a primary tooth prematurely, the surrounding teeth will begin to shift into the empty space. This can block the eruption of their adult teeth, resulting in crowing, alignment issues, impacted teeth, and other undesirable (and preventable) complications. By maintaining the structural health of a primary tooth’s roots, dental crowns can keep your child from requiring additional procedures in the future.

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